Material Design 3

Material Design 3 is the latest version of Google's design language that aims to make the experience of using digital products more intuitive, engaging, and accessible. With its fresh and modern approach, Material Design 3 introduces a range of new features and components that allow designers to create more personalized and expressive interfaces.

The Material 3 Design Kit is an essential resource for designers who want to explore the possibilities of this new design system. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of Material Design 3, covering topics such as typography, color, layout, and motion.

The kit includes a wide range of pre-designed components, such as buttons, cards, forms, and icons, that can be easily customized to match the needs of your project. These components are designed to work seamlessly together, ensuring a consistent look and feel across your designs.

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Material Design 3

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Date added: 09. 04. 2023